Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Personal Bubble

Human beings possess a beautiful sphere of comfort, a bubble. In western culture, we do not feel that people should invade that private space. It is mine, it is yours. But we do not share. Our mothers would be ashamed to know we did not learn to share, but society tells us it is simply unacceptable to invite oneself into an other's personal bubble.

Today I write about two desperately misrepresented forms of bubbletry: the awkward bubble pop and embracing one's true bubble.

The Awkward Bubble Pop. Often times a person will go their entire life without a stranger invading their personal place of refuge. I feel this is a travesty. I remember when I lost my bubble virginity to Mr. Oreme in the 6th grade. I never even knew I could feel the way he made me feel. With his beady eyes and mouse like features he exploded my innocent bubble by simply standing too close.

Until one loses his or her bubble virginity many of life's most basic adventures become uncomfortable. Sitting too close to someone on public transportation can lead to early popping. A very friendly over sized woman at church who feels it is her duty to hug and squeeze you can be a causation of bubble rape. One's bubble is a prized possession that should be guarded and treasured to ensure that no STD's (Sud Transmitted Disease) are transferred. Always use protection when popping a stranger's personal bubble, you never know what type of emotional backlash you might receive.

And lastly, embrace your true bubble. Never feel inadequate to let others see your bubble for what it is. Today in my class, I was selected to demonstrate how uncomfortable people become when their bubbles are intruded upon. Seeing how I have no personal bubble, I was excited to make the young lady across from me squirm in front of the whole class. Upon my arrival at the normal uncomfortable level, I found she did not even flinch. Instead, she swiftly aligned her whole body with mine in a perfect bubbless form of modern art. Thus our true bubble, or lack thereof, was found.

Remember, keep your bubbles clean and do as your mother taught you, SHARE!