Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Chortage

A sensation fills the mouth, a unique sensation that brings pleasure and question. Long and thick both describe the foreign Spanish Castile horn that is playing games in your mouth. A ridged crust is caressed with sweet natural sugars and filled with a delicious gew. Welcome to the Churro.

In my recent travels I have experienced a great variety of cuisine. From exotic Indian curries to Hungarian gulyas, but the Churro has captured my heart. Upon extensive research and with the help of arguably the best legal team in the city of Duchesne, I have come to the conclusion that there is a major Churro shortage in the state of Utah. This pandemic is of grave concern to the Obama administration and has been labeled: The Chortage.

To further the extent of the Chortage travesty, the Administration has reportedly channeled 13.5 million dollars of the stimulus package to the ailing Churro industry of Utah. Though it will not create any addition jobs and will install a new tax on the usage of public restroom toilet paper, this blank check will guide the failing Churro market through a government controlled bankruptcy. We, as citizens of the Beehive state, are promised 1/3,000,000 of the Churro market's current value due to our loyalty to the government.

With this encouraging economic outlook, the patrons of Utah's Churro establishment are encouraged to go to the only major location in the state that hosts the Churro - Lagoon. The entrance fee is a riveting $240.93 (tax included) simply to enter the great establishment. You will then discover the hard to find Churro located at three inconvenient locations throughout the park. Be prepared to pay $13.00 (tax not included) for a 3 inch Churro, it is a delicacy.

Upon biting the tubed pastry, please remember to call Senator Orrin Hatch at 1-800-CHU-RROS and let him know that you support the stimulus spending to secure our endangered Churro population and that you are thrilled to pay the $0.78 per square of public toilet paper tax to ensure the continual protection of our Churros in this the Chortage.


Seth & Edna said...

I have called Senator Hatch several times, but his phone lines are flooded and it's been hard to get through.

Thank you for addressing this challenging issue, only awareness of the problem can bring the change we need.

There are children who haven't even had a Churro.

Abz said...

There are giant, amazing churros at Costco that are TO DIE FOR!!!! Seriously...they're a buck, go try one it will change your life. :)

RBS said...

I'm crazy about Churros. I'm glad someone has finally recognized their absence in our daily lives.

Anonymous said...

I never knew one could be so passionate about a simple cuisine.