Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Spanish Abilities

I love communicating. The art of expressing thoughts, emotions, passion, ideas and concepts through words and actions is the complex structure that binds our society together. Every culture is linked and intertwined within itself through communication. Communication marks us as who we are.

Spanish. I do not do Spanish. When I say I do not do Spanish it does not mean that I do not respect peoples who do speak Spanish. It simply means that my Spanish language skills are about as pathetic as a spanked piglet. It is one of my favorite games as of late to use my limited and very greengo Espanol to drive Spanish speakers crazy. Some of my favorite sayings are: Yo tengo uno frijole ( I have one bean), yo estoy el queso grande ( I am the big cheese), ¿Has oído el caso de ese fugitivo que secuestró un autobús de turistas japoneses? (Have you heard about the case of that fugitive who held hostage a busload of Japanese tourists?), La policía tiene 5.000 fotos suyas (The police have 5,000 pictures of him.)

I was introduced to a great YouTube clip by Natalie Mutt Nyman, a victim of my fairly attrocious Spanish language skills. She keeps trying to convince me that it is incorrect to call oneself "the big cheese" or that you cannot have just one bean (frijole) or one pant (pantelone). I just shrug my shoulders, laugh and continue my endless blathering of useless phrases. I am simply trying to communicate and employ that structured art form of society in my life! It's who I am.

Hope you enjoy!



Ashley said...

lol That's great! My husband asked me to play it again for him because he got such a kick out of it the first time.

And I can't imagine why anyone would actually want to learn's not like it's terribly useful. I mean, we already speak Hungarian and like...14 million other people do too.

Es olyan irigyes minedki aki nem tudja ezt a titkos nyelvet beszelni, ugye?

speed-type said...
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Hannah said...

haha! love it. please learn the language of my people, and then we can communicate even better! i don't actually know much of my own peoples' language...but it would be fun

Jami said...

ha ha ha- Loving the spanish love song- because its the only spanish song I'd ever understand- Thanks for the laugh

Matt and Jenni said...

Haha! I have totally seen that before, and it's wonderful! They same guy did another really funny one that's called (I think) An Honest R&B's so funny, and right up your alley...I can already hear you laughing at it!

Martha said...

Ha ha Lee I just love you!

Chase and McKell said...

That video was sick, and the kid deserves to be kicked! :(