Friday, November 20, 2009

I Promise This Won't Hurt

I will not write about our trembling bodies in the gray dawn, calm and awake as trees. I will not mention the tremendous event that happened in the sky as the sun rose that morning.

No, No, the words echo through the empty halls of life.
No, No, comes my plea as I lay, prostrate to the world, fear cutting my hearty like a knife.

"I promise this won't hurt," assured his soft voice.

No, No, a gentle touch of his finger, one, now two, three, his whole hand working.
No, No, comes my plea as I lay, my innocence invaded by those thick fingers, working, lurking.

"I promise this won't hurt," calmed his deep voice.

No, No, my heart races as my eyes take in his extensive equipment.
No, No, comes my plea as I lay, feeling the drugs surging through my veins, I am losing control.

"I promise this won't hurt," soothed his melodic voice.

A heavy pulsation is enveloping my body. Power has taken my frail frame in his stride.
No, No.
No, No sometimes means yes, oh yes.

I feel the pressure release and he pulls away. My pain is residing, the escalated throbbing is finally flowing from my body.

Again, I am at peace with myself. His voice, assuring, calm, soothing, lets me know that my cavity has been filled and our oral adventure has come to a close.

"No, no, I think Thursday at noon will be great for my next appointment," I assured the receptionist as I left the dentist office.


megan said...

I hate the dentist. I hate it. I don't mind any other doctor or any other shots, but I can't handle the dentist. The last time I had a cavity (which was a long time ago, because I try very hard to avoid them so I don't have to get shots in my mouth) I didn't even let them give me a shot. They filled my cavity without numbing it. That's how much I hate the dentist.

Heather said...

I am completely in awe of your talent for writing poetry and how you can tell a story. You have quite a gift, at times a very strange gift, but a gift nonetheless :D I rather enjoy your quirky poems, stories and random thoughts put to paper. Keep sharing.

Petra Lishous said...

hahhahah I am DYING! Where do you come from?! This is the work of a genius! The best part is, its gets better and better each time you read it. Your ability to make one feel truly awkward astounds me. I'll have to say though, the truly amazing part of this particular work was in actuality the first public reading. That you could read it with a straight face. The rest of us tried to keep composure during the November Harvest's Jefferson Maychild annual poem reading. However, all but one broke into hysterics, may i say again you sir Jefferson are a genius of words and a master of making others feel weird inside.

Anonymous said...

Was he good with boobs?

Matt and Jenni said...

Oh my are so gross!! How is it that you are so talented at making someone's mind go straight to the gutter, and then having the real subject be so innocent??!lol

Lee Cannon said...

I am so glad that this has been received so well. The November Harvest celebration was the first time this piece was introduced to society. I read it out loud to the conference and made EVERYBODY uncomfortable. But alas, that is my calling in life and I truly do hate the dentist!

Shirlene said...

This reminds me of when I had my tailbone put back in place, which was also an uncomfortable experience.

Shirlene said...

This reminds me of when I had my tailbone put back in place, which was also an uncomfortable experience.

Tris said...

Haha! Lee I love you!!!!!