Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Tale

Charles Dickens penned, "I have sometimes sat alone here of an evening, listening, until I have made the echoes out to be the echoes of all the footsteps that are coming by and by into our lives." Long hours have I sat, listening, listening to a thunderous throng of thespians soaking up each other's excitement to a level of saturation. And for that abundance of life, I would like to thank each of the individuals who have added to the synergy of my Tale.

"A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature in constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other." Listening to each of your words, listening to each of your actions, and most importantly, listening to each of your love has been a treasured secret and mystery for me to explore. Through the secret places of our hearts, we have shared the vulernabilities that allow for pure understanding to occur. Your love has been the key to opening the door to this story, to our story. Thank you for letting me listen.

Dickens wrote that Dr. Manette would often lapse back into memory and experience things "incomprehensible to those unacquainted with his story as if they had seen the shadow of the actual Bastille thrown upon him by a summer sun, when the substance was three hundred miles away." I already find myself craving your "shadow" that you cast upon me. No one outside of our production can understand the culminating adventure that we took together. Your shadow is a comfort, a safe place in my life. Thank you for letting me be in your shadow.

Together we wrote our own Tale these past few months. Each line was written by the laughter, the tears, the drama, the hard work and the passion each of us have given freely. Freely is a poor word choice; not a single one of us can walk away from this family without acknowledging our investment in each other. The price we have paid through listening and loving each other will be an unremitting shadow in our lives.

Thank you for being mine.


@emllewellyn said...

Oh and we also met and became friends.


Pam said...

How beautifully said, Lee!

Beachquack said...

You almost had me in tears! Well written, and so true!

Laura said...


nycityman said...

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog, Lee, and thank you so much for sharing yours with me. Beautifully written, beautifully expressed and beautifully heartfelt. I don't know if you shared it with Jill, but I'm going to do so now.


Keri said...

It always takes me a minute or two (or a week or three) to really process what a show has meant to me. I've been "listening" and learning, and realizing what "Tale's" impact is on me. You summed it up best with your line about the investment we've each made in one another. Tears, Lee, tears. How succinctly you penned and pinned words to that priceless gift that has been mine to enjoy time and time again. I am selfish and can't wait for more.
Hugs and near kisses,

Lisa Nagel said...

wow!!! love your posts :) this is fantastic! very heartfelt...I am an artist and maybe you'd like to check out my blog heARTfelt expression sometimes ( thank you!